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april • 2014 keiki cover model

MC_04.14A special perk of this job is the ability to see my own child once in awhile on the cover with Randy J. Braun’s amazing photos.

Maile Elizabeth just celebrated her seventh birthday, and is in the first grade. Some of her favorite activities are heading down to play at Ho`okipa with friends Jasmine and Nalu, and taking yoga after school with her teacher Gloria.

I think all of you moms and dads will agree that time absolutely flies while you are watching your keiki grow up. It seems like yesterday that Maile was taking her first steps. At times like these, I remind myself to cherish and appreciate every day that I get to share with her. She inspires me to work not only hard, but smart so that I have time and energy to play with her and experience as much as possible.

Mahalo to each of you for supporting our magazine each and every month!

–allyson freeland, publisher

maui sup boards: two first-timers learn the sport known as ‘sweeping’

DCIM100GOPROMy relationship with the ocean is as follows: I enjoy looking at it and being on it, but I’m not particularly keen on being in it. I know, I know, this is Maui. But not everyone who lives here is required to be an avid waterwoman (or man), right?

Stand up paddling—also known as paddle surfing, “sweeping,” and SUP—meets my personal ocean criteria (so long as I don’t fall in, that is), but taking part in a class where I might embarrass myself in front of a group of strangers isn’t an appealing thought. So when I had an opportunity to do a private lesson/tour with Maui SUP Boards, I decided it would be a perfect way to try the sport that’s gone viral—not just here in Hawai‘i, but anywhere there’s a body of water. Continue reading ‘maui sup boards: two first-timers learn the sport known as ‘sweeping’’

report from the island of lana`i part 2 of 3: nobu at the four seasons resort manele bay

nobuYou know you’ve made it when the world knows you by just your first name. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is a distinguished member of the elite “one-name-only club,” having made his mark on the global restaurant scene with his unique fusion cuisine that blends traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients.

Shortly after billionaire Larry Ellison purchased 98 percent of the island of Lana‘i in 2012, he successfully persuaded Nobu to open a restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort Lana‘i at Manele Bay. Nobu Lana‘i opened in December of that same year, purportedly to coincide with Ellison’s Christmas visit. Continue reading ‘report from the island of lana`i part 2 of 3: nobu at the four seasons resort manele bay’

3rd annual empty bowl project: a benefit for the maui food bank

empty bowlThe 3rd Annual Empty Bowl Project will be held on April 12 from 5:30-8:30pm at Star Noodle (286 Kupuohi Street in the Lahaina Business Park). Star Noodle and the Maui Organization for the Ceramic Arts (MOCA) have come together once again to bring you inspired cuisine, outstanding art and great entertainment for a very worthy cause, the Maui Food Bank and Hale Mahaolu.

Ceramic artists from around Maui will come together to create hand crafted ceramic bowls to be sold for a $25 donation at the event. The bowl you purchase is a keepsake to remind you of all of the “empty bowls” in the world, all proceeds collected from the bowl purchase will be donated to the Maui Food Bank, Hale Mahaolu and other various organizations. The donation also includes a free visit to the Empty Bowl Project Noodle Bar where you will be able to create your own personal Hapa Ramen or Faux Pho with a variety of garnishings to soothe your soul. In addition to the Noodle Bar station, scrip will be available for purchase to experience an array of local flavors and ingredients street fair style! Continue reading ‘3rd annual empty bowl project: a benefit for the maui food bank’