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august 2011 • keiki cover model

Maui Concierge Magazine Cover_08.2011Mahalo to the Ioakimi family for bringing Sale to our shoot for this beautiful cover photo by Randy J. Braun. We would like to introduce our keiki cover model for August, Sale Tangaloa Ioakimi.

Mom is Sandi Ioakimi who works as a concierge for Concierge Connection in Kihei, a comprehensive private concierge services company. Dad is Pekelo Ioakimi, a Samoan Fire Knife Dancer and musician. The family lives in Kihei and Sale is eleven years old and attends Lokelani Intermediate School in the sixth grade. His favorite subject at school is Language Arts. He enjoys playing baseball, soccer, strumming the ukulele and loves to go with his family and friends to body board at Big Beach in Makena.
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warren & annabelle’s… “oh, oh, oh it’s magic”

The Maui Concierge Magazine _ Warren & Annabelle's MagicIf seeing truly is believing, Warren & Annabelle’s magic show will make a believer out of you after just the first of many masterfully executed tricks. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry during this hugely entertaining two hours of comedy, amazing magic, and just plain good fun.

Established in 1999 by highly acclaimed sleight-of-hand magician Warren Gibson and his wife, Lisa, Warren & Annabelle’s has become one of the most popular shows on Maui and, according to their website, every night is a sell-out. “It’s been an amazing adventure since our first year,” Warren says. “I think one of the biggest surprises about this show is the number of repeat guests we have. We have folks who come back for their 6th, 10th or 16th time!”
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stepping back in time… waikamoi forest

Maui Concierge Magazine _ Waikamoi Forest PreserveIt’s a “lucky we live Maui” morning. You know the kind: crystal clear blue sky; refreshingly cool air; the scent of residual dampness from an overnight rain. On Haleakala these conditions are intensified, making way for whatever Mother Nature has in store that day. I’m in line with thirty other hikers waiting my turn to thoroughly brush any seeds or invasive species from my boots before entering Hosmer Grove, gateway to the Waikamoi Forest Preserve.
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