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cane & canoe: a foodie’s paradise at montage kapalua bay

It was one of those beautiful  Maui afternoons, the ones where you realize Maui really is “No Ka Oi” and the term “Lucky We Live Maui” just makes sense.

It had been a long work week and my mom had just arrived from the mainland, we were on our way to celebrate! As we drove across the island from Haiku through Lahaina Town and to our ultimate destination – Kapalua the sun was starting to set and it was that moment when a warm Maui day just melts into evening. My favorite part of the day.

As we entered the lobby at Montage Kapalua Bay we marveled at Moloka‘i in the distance beautifully framed in the view, a picture perfect postcard which set the tone for a special night. Continue reading ‘cane & canoe: a foodie’s paradise at montage kapalua bay’

36th annual kapalua wine & food festival june 8 – 11 at kapalua resort

The annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival is just around the corner, June 8 – 11, and promises to be another spectacular weekend gathering of top winemakers, culinary and superstars from the celebrity chef scene and our own homegrown Maui favorites. The kick-off Grand Tasting gala hosted by on the oceanfront lawn of Montage Kapalua Bay, showcases the culinary creations of Kapalua Resort Restaurants and special guests along with renowned wines from around the globe.

The featured creations of Kapalua’s inspired chefs are sure to wow seasoned event goers and new comers alike. A few highlights of dishes being served by resort restaurant partners: 
Chef Jojo Vasquez/Plantation House, 2017 Aipono Award winning “Chef of the Year”:

  • Seared Ahi on a crispy tortilla with lime crema, tomato, avocado and cilantro Chef Robert Barrera/Pineapple Grill.
  • Oxtail tortellini with parmesan, brodo and parsley Chef Neil Murphy/Merriman’s Restaurant.
  • Kauai Shrimp and Taro Pancake
With more from host restaurant Cane & Canoe, Honolua Store, The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Taverna and UH Maui Culinary Academy.

Continue reading ’36th annual kapalua wine & food festival june 8 – 11 at kapalua resort’

maui’s walsh brothers open pa‘ia’s latest & greatest cafe ‘pa‘ia bowls’

Pa‘ia Bowls is a new healthy acai bowl cafe owned and operated by two brothers/local Maui surfers, Ian and Luke Walsh. The boys grew up just a few miles down the road in the town of Ku‘au. Here they were raised by parents Peter and Kitty Walsh, alongside their younger twin brothers, Shaun and DK Walsh. The Walsh ‘ohana is a recognizable family among the Maui community who embody the spirit of aloha. They can be seen regularly enjoying the beach at Ho‘okipa or charging big waves at Maui’s most notorious surf break, Pe‘ahi (Jaws).

Growing up on the North Shore, the Walsh brothers found surfing as their favorite pastime. With their non-stop active lifestyle, acai bowls quickly became their go-to meal of choice. Whether it was to fuel their bodies before, in between, or a post surf session, acai bowls always provided them with a healthy and natural energy boost. Continue reading ‘maui’s walsh brothers open pa‘ia’s latest & greatest cafe ‘pa‘ia bowls’’

humuhumu at grand wailea resort: shorter name, long on exceptional cuisine

Although the name of Grand Wailea Resort’s signature restaurant is still officially Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a, it’s been rebranded as simply Humuhumu, and now boasts a stunning interior redesign, as well as a tantalizingly reimagined menu by Chef de Cuisine Michael “Mike” Lofaro, who was voted Chef of the Year for 2016 by his peers in a prominent Maui magazine poll.

Humuhumu embodies the quintessential tropical paradise many people envision when they think of dining in Hawai‘i. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by open-air Polynesian thatched-roof hales that seem to float over a picturesque freshwater lagoon that’s surrounded by brilliantly colored bougainvillea? Not to mention the soothing sound of a nearby waterfall cascading into said lagoon. Throw in a spectacular ocean view framed by swaying palm trees, and you’ve got the stuff dreams are made of. Continue reading ‘humuhumu at grand wailea resort: shorter name, long on exceptional cuisine’

son’z steakhouse at the hyatt regency maui resort: where classic combinations reign supreme

Steak, baked potato, and creamed spinach are a classic steakhouse combination. Son’z Steakhouse at the Hyatt Regency Maui in Ka‘anapali has that base covered, along with so much more: New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Spiny Lobster Tail, and fresh Island Catch of the Day, along with mouthwatering appetizers and salads, plus tantalizing sides like Green Beans Amandine and Mac & Cheese Carbonara. It’s a veritable cornucopia of deliciousness!

Son’z also features another classic combination in the form of Executive Chef Geno Sarmiento and Director of Operations Don Abernathy. Both men were recently granted the additional title of Managing Partner by Aaron Placourakis, President & CEO of Tri-Star Restaurant Group, which owns Son’z. “I feel so proud to have Geno and Don as partners,” Aaron says. “They’ve both worked hard to earn the opportunity of having an ownership stake in Son’z.” Continue reading ‘son’z steakhouse at the hyatt regency maui resort: where classic combinations reign supreme’

humble market kitchin by roy yamaguchi at the newly transformed wailea beach resort–marriott, maui

Superstar Chef Roy Yamaguchi was a very busy man last year. In addition to already having more than 30 successful restaurants to his credit, Chef Roy opened four additional dining establishments in 2016: three on O‘ahu and, in December, a brand-new concept called Humble Market Kitchin by Roy Yamaguchi at the newly transformed Wailea Beach Resort—Marriott, Maui.

Humble Market Kitchin was named in honor of Chef Roy’s grandfather, who ran the Yamaguchi General Store in Wailuku, and also owned a local restaurant. Chef Roy, son of a Japanese-American father from Hawai‘i and an Okinawan mother, spent his childhood summers on Maui helping his grandfather. “As a kid, when I used to visit my grandparents on Maui, I helped stock the shelves at the store,” he says. “I have a lot of memories of helping out, and just hanging out in the market. So when we decided to take on this project [the new restaurant concept], since my grandfather was a humble man and he had a market, we named the restaurant Humble Market Kitchin.” Continue reading ‘humble market kitchin by roy yamaguchi at the newly transformed wailea beach resort–marriott, maui’

shearwater tavern in kihei: globally inspired cuisine, neighborhood-style fun

shearwatertavernAzeka Mauka Shopping Center in Kihei is positively whirring with activity since the opening in December of Shearwater Tavern, the newest addition to acclaimed Chef D.K. Kodama’s restaurant group. Occupying a portion of the former Stella Blue’s space, Shearwater is named for the wedge-tailed bird (‘ua‘u kani) that lives at sea but comes to shore every year to nest in the same burrow, where both parents raise their new offspring. One of the three shearwater colonies on Maui is located near the restaurant, and it served as inspiration for this gastropub’s concept: Always returning to our home on Maui wherever we may wander; being a part of the land we call home; and maintaining a strong ‘ohana spirit. Continue reading ‘shearwater tavern in kihei: globally inspired cuisine, neighborhood-style fun’

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