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chasing waterfalls with hike maui

A light drizzle sweeps over us as we hop out of the Hike Maui shuttle. Hana’s cool, morning air smells of plumeria and my 13-year old niece, Tenneh, and I pick up a few fallen flowers to put in our hair. We are about to traverse 45 acres of forest reserve in search of waterfalls. She moved to Maui only a couple of years ago. I am beaming with excitement especially because this would be her first time in Hana and also seeing a waterfall, only there might be five of them!

Our guide, Marko, is offering cold pineapple slices and backpacks with necessities for the day—water bottles, lunch, mosquito repellant, ponchos and plastic bags for our shoes. We’ve been outfitted with these Japanese water shoes with built in socks and felt soles for gripping on slippery, wet rocks—a little funny-looking but tremendously helpful.
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