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september 2010 maui calendar of events

september 2010   |   calendar of events
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paddle like the wind… with HST

Beneath cloudy morning skies and just a few feet away from Ukumehame’s mellow waters, Alan Cadiz of Hawaiian Sailboard Techniques explains the thrill of coasting the ocean at around 40 miles per hour on a stand up paddle board (SUP for short).

“The feeling, if you’ve ever caught a wave, of getting that push and having a wave pick you up and start sliding downhill,” he said. “It’s a feeling that is hard to describe and it’s an addiction.”
Wind junkies like Alan have flocked to Maui’s north shore for its prime windsurfing and kite surfing fix. Now, there’s also a growing and interconnected community that has taken the stand up paddle sport to its next evolution. About a half mile to a mile out and parallel to shore, the run from Maliko Gulch down to Kanaha Beach Park and even further down to Kahului Harbor has become a popular downwind run for advanced paddlers. Continue reading ‘paddle like the wind… with HST’

a road revisited … hana day tripping

The journey to Hana is like a glass of aged port: full of floral aroma, vibrant color and fruit flavor. When taken slowly, it’s intoxicating.
If it’s been a while since you have traveled this country road, let me reintroduce you. Just like Maui’s jungle, it’s always fresh and ever changing.

Why go now?
As the fall brings consistent tradewind showers to East Maui, the rainforest’s waterfalls cascade and pools fill with cool water providing a refreshing way to beat Maui’s sultry heat. This time of year, bright orange, red, pink and yellow tropical heliconias and gingers fill East Maui’s roadsides, streambeds and waterfalls. Sturdy in stature and symmetrical in shape they blaze the Hana Highway and rise up like flames of a torch illuminating the landscape.

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