mm medical transport: serving maui’s visitors in need of medical help & transportation

Fourteen years ago, Maui physical therapist Michael Malaczewski saw a need to assist patients who had been injured or fallen ill on their trip to Maui. He had a client who needed his help and he flew with them to the mainland handling everything from start to finish. This need soon became MM Medical Transport, a business that he started to focus on providing safe transportation from the island of Maui for clients who needed help getting home.

Getting through an airport and on a plane are things many people take for granted. What happens when a traveler becomes injured, and is, at least temporarily, in a wheelchair? Do they get in the same line for TSA, or a different one? Do they absolutely have to stand to walk through the metal detector? How do they get back to the 21st row on the airplane if they can’t walk?

MM Medical Transport assists with:

• Management of ground logistics: Travel to and from airport at origin and destination locations including taxi, wheelchair van, gurney, etc.
• Management of air logistics: Ticket purchasing, seating recommendations, communication with airlines for special accommodations, etc.

MM Medical Transport manages all travel needs from start to finish, including luggage check-in, ticket acquisition, navigating airports with wheelchair, physical assistance on and off the airplane, restroom needs (including urinary catheters and colostomy bags), medication administration, vital signs monitoring, and maintenance of optimum comfort.

They have licensed physical therapists and Registered Nurses ready to assist with any non-emergency medical transportation on any commercial airline. Michael Malaczewski has been a licensed physical therapist since 2003, and a CPR and first aid instructor with the American heart association for the past 7 years. He has safely transported over 150 clients.

The company has a mission to focus on safety, reliability, and communication. When a guest travels with MM medical transport, the client’s vital signs will be monitored and the patient’s comfort is a priority.

Here are some examples of clients they have assisted:

• 76-year-old visitor from Seattle with prior right below the knee amputation. While riding his motorized wheelchair on Maui, it tipped over, breaking his left hip. He had a new restriction to not put weight on the left leg. He was 6’5”, 320 lbs, and was here with his wife. Extensive physical assistance was provided to get on and off plane, as well as maintain comfort and reduce pain in-flight. He was safely transported to a rehab facility east of Seattle. MM Medical Transport setup ground transportation from Maui Memorial to the airport, and then non-emergency ambulance gurney transport from Seattle airport to rehab facility.

• 64-year-old with new quadriplegia from accident on the beach on Maui. MM Medical Transport staff took care of going to the client’s vacation rental, packing up all her things, and assisting with checkout while client was in hospital. MM Medical Transport safely transferred her to Craig Hospital in Colorado. Total physical assistance to get on and off plane, as well as catheter management and feeding.

To reach MM Medical Transport for more information please call Michael at 808-269-2403 or visit

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