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2013 Naish WS - Freeride

2013 Naish WS – Freeride

Celebrating 32 years in Maui’s world of windsurfing, surfing, stand-up-paddling and kitesurfing HST is the go-to place to learn for all levels of ocean sports enthusiasts.

HST was founded in 1985 by Alan Cadiz. Alan at that time was the World cup windsurfing Champion and he grew up on the island of Oahu surfing and sailing Hobie cats. The blending of both sports into windsurfing was a natural transition for him.


In today’s sport, windsurfing gear is finely tailored to each persons skill level, size and their goals. Even very small kids can learn to windsurf on equipment perfected for their size. For the beginner, of any height and weight, the boards are relatively wide and stable so that balance issues are minimized. As each student progresses through the skills of windsurfing the boards become smaller and the sails become larger which enables the athlete to gain more speed and maneuverability. The learning curve of windsurfing is more like learning to golf or ski – it can be a lifetime pursuit.

Even for beginners, windsurfing is an amazing way to get out on the ocean and enjoy it. In the first lessons with HST you will be sailing out a short way from the shore and experiencing the feeling of the wind at your back and the splash of the warm Pacific on your feet.


Kitesurfing was added to HST’s program in 1999 using a short line teaching method. The shorter lines provided for a safer teaching experience. Compared with learning to windsurf, kitesurfing is more like learning to ride a bike or snowboard, it is a progression of specific skills. As you learn one, you will then move on to the next. You start with learning to control the kite. As one would imagine, it is more efficient to learn that on land than in the water, so that is where the first lesson starts. Next up, you will get in the water – with just the kite  – and eventually you learn how to maneuver the kite to get up on the board and ride. At first the rides are short, but with each attempt, there is progress! After a relatively short number of lessons, the student is up and riding! Kitesurfing equipment is included in the lesson prices. Most students buy their own gear when they are done. For safety, renting kites is only possible if you can prove you are already a capable rider with plenty of skill. Introductory kitesurfing lessons can be shared with a friend to save money and explore this great sport together.


HST also has a team of expert surf and SUP coaches who specialize in advanced and private surf and SUP lessons. They also hold a permit for Maui’s North Shore so that they can offer incredible Stand Up Paddle downwinder experience for experienced paddlers.

HST is located just inside Hi-Tech Surf Sports at 425 Koloa Street in Kahului. To learn more please visit http://www.hstwindsurfing.com or http://www.hstkitesurfing.com. Call 871-5423 to make reservations or for more information.

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