spend the day on the island of lana’i: how to get there, what to do!

mc-blog_lanaiThe Dalai Lhama said “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”… We have discovered that perfect place to send our Maui visitors.

Our readers have told us that your guests have been asking, “What is going on over on the island of Lanai”? We now have some answers for you!

Four Seasons Resort Lanai and their new Island Adventure Center team have launched some outstanding activities catering to day visitors from Maui. And to make it easy to get there, the team at Expeditions ferry has unveiled a brand new vessel EXPEDITIONS 6. Built in Washington State at Mavrik Marine, the 70’ catamaran was designed for smooth and stable passage to and from Lahaina and Manele Harbor on Lanai. The new boat will be in service this month and will carry 149 passengers. Expeditions operates five round trips everyday across the Auau Channel which makes getting to Lanai for a day of adventure and fun very easy.

Lanai’s new activity choices include riding horseback through wooded upland trails, exploring heritage sites on a UTV tour with knowledgeable local guides and discovering untouched Hawai‘i on this pristine and private island. The newest addition in November of this year is the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range where guests can head upcountry to “take aim” at clay shooting and archery.

Guided UTV Tours

Explore Lanai’s rugged off-the-beaten-paths in a guided Polaris UTV (4-wheel Utility Terrain Vehicle) Cultural tour. Weave through Lanai’s vast ironwood forests and lush valleys around the Palawai Basin to inspiring scenic vistas overlooking the neighbor islands.

Local guides nimbly maneuver the trails while sharing their knowledge of the history of the island, the natural environment and heritage sites only recently uncovered through preservation work that focused on managing invasive species growth and improving road repair, allowing this new access.

Guided two-hour UTV Trail rides are offered daily. Day guest rate for the tour is $395 per couple and $247.50 for individuals. Transportation to and from the Adventure Center is included.

The adventure center can also set up a morning two or three hour custom-guided sunrise tour in a Razor or Ranger UTV. Take in the mountain-top heiau Pu‘u Makani with vistas of water and forests on either side, then head to the Naha lookout for sunrise. Travel over to Bench Lands for a cultural tour of the Waiapaa area or Hii, a Hawaiian dryland agricultural complex that had been covered over by pineapple cultivation for many years and not accessible to visitors. Preservation workers have planted taro and wauke, paper mulberry used for making clothing, and removed eucalyptus, albizia and silver oak trees from an area containing remnants of a heiau, an imu (underground oven) and a lua pau (refuse pit).

Custom tours are offered daily, rates from $495 per couple and $375 per person for a two-hour tour. 24-hour advance reservations are required, transportation to and from the Adventure Center is included. Guests can pre-order breakfast to go as an add-on experience.

LANA’I Horseback Riding

Escape on horseback into the hills surrounding Koele, once the center of ranching operations on the island, and enjoy an alternative way to explore the wooded valleys and trails of the extraordinary upland terrain, with the service and style you expect from Four Seasons. Private, customized excursions, children’s rides as well as private lessons are available. Kind and gentle, the horses are suitable for all levels of rider, whether beginner or experienced.

Horseback rides are offered daily and last 1.5 hours. Day Guests prices are $195 per person. Transportation to and from the Adventure Center is included.

Director of Equestrian and Island Adventures Keith Moon is spearheading the horse operations. With more than 40 years of experience working with horses, Moon, a former Wyoming cowboy, farrier and big game hunting guide, brings his knowledge of animals, agriculture and experiences to Lanai to create unique and enriching programs for Resort and day guests.

For reservations please call 808-565-2072 or email adventure.lanai@fourseasons.com.


Just last month the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range opened in Four Seasons style! Far from the pristine beaches of Hulopoe Bay, boasting spinner dolphins and beautiful views, adventurers can head upland to the inland forests to ‘take aim’ at Lanai Archery and Shooting Range, offering a series of customized lessons for beginners or excursions for those who are more experienced in clay shooting and archery.

The 14-station sporting clays course in the gorgeous wooded uplands of the island of Lanai challenges shooters of all skill levels regardless of age, size or experience level. Targets are launched to simulate flight patterns of duck, quail, dove, pheasant and even rabbit running patters.  Experienced shooters will enjoy the diverse angles and target directions offered with six high towers.

Book an introductory lesson covering gun safety and awareness, course rules & shooting etiquette, instruction and with the necessary gear to get on course in no time. First-time shooters will be fitted with a shotgun base on weight and size to minimize recoil. Participants use over/under guns by the heritage brand Beretta, considered by many today’s top choice for competition equipment. Additional experiences are available for more experienced shooters.

The course also features a five-stand smaller shooting area for beginners offering 8 targets as well as a skeet field with nine shooting stations.  Skeet, one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting, features targets thrown from two high- and low-fixed locations or ‘houses’.

At the eight-station archery course, set sight on 3D animal targets such as turkey, deer, T-Rex, ram or boars or take aim at traditional archery targets, from 5 to 25 yards away. Anyone who can safely handle a bow, regardless of age or experience level, can try their hand at this ancient sport. An introductory lesson covers bow & arrow safety and etiquette, instruction and the necessary equipment for a ‘bullseye’ of a time.

Lanai Archery and Shooting Range Rates

Sporting Clays – from $125 per person for one-hour introductory lesson.

Archery – from $75 per person for one-hour introductory lesson.

Rates include transportation from Four Seasons Resort Lanai Adventure Center, exclusive of taxes. One- or two-hour lessons are available for groups up to six. Additional targets may be purchased following lessons. Experienced shooter packages are also available.

Each of these adventure filled experiences can be booked by calling 808-565-2072 or email adventure.lanai@fourseasons.com. Book an Expeditions activity package, including round-trip ferry transportation from Maui and harbor-activity transfers, at http://www.go-lanai.com or by calling Expeditions reservations at 661-3756.


Four Seasons Resort Lana‘i is offering guests to Lanai extreme luxury on a pristine island with a simpler pace of life; it truly reflects Hawaii as it was intended to be. For more information, please visit http://www.fourseasons.com/lanai or join their social communities on Facebook @FourSeasonsResortsLanai, Twitter/Instagram @fslanai. Learn more about the destination at http://www.fourseasons.com/discoverlanai.


A wonderful discovery to recommend to your guests is LANAI GUIDE, an interactive and informative free iphone app by Lanai Culture & Heritage Center and it’s executive director Kepa Maly. Kepa has spent over 30 years peeling back layers of Hawaii’s stories translating tens of thousands of pages of Hawaiian archives and listening to oral stories passed down from the kupuna (elders) who lived them.

Download this app, you will learn so much about our island neighbor!




Lanai Island Adventure Center Activities


Four Seasons Resort Lanai.


Activities offered daily.


To book these activities/ferry packages Expeditions Maui-Lanai Ferry; 661-3756 or http://www.golanai.com


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