ka’anapali beach hotel brings hawaiian culture to ocean activities with opening of its beachfront hale huaka‘i

KBHotel_Hale_01Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Hawai`i’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, will continue to enrich guests’ experience through authentic cultural offerings with the official opening of their new water activities center today.

Paying homage to Hawaiian traditions, the center will be called Hale Huaka‘i, which means “Adventure Center” and signifies a trip, voyage or a place to start your journey or embark on an adventure, often in a “hui,” or group to build connections with others. The Hale Huaka‘i offers a Hawaiian perspective to several popular ocean activities such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), snorkeling, conch shell blowing and more.

“The Hale Huaka‘i is simply a means of extending the character of Ka‘anapali Beach Hotel– its genuine aloha and true Hawaiian hospitality – out onto the beach and into the ocean. It allows us to provide our guests with truly memorable and safe ocean experiences, led by our Beach Alaka‘i, who are each highly experienced Maui watermen. We also accept the kuleana – both privilege and responsibility – of being stewards of our culture, our ocean, and all of its many creatures,” said Iokepa Nae‘ole, Manager of Hale Huaka‘i.

Hale Huaka‘i offers guests the chance to go beyond their traditional water activity experience through complimentary and paid offerings, dedicated to providing an authentic Hawaiian presentation of water sports and Oceanside living. Hale Huaka‘i will be open daily from 7am to 5pm and will offer the following activities:

  • Conch Shell Blowing – For all ages, conch shell blowing is a complimentary activity teaching guests the use and history of the Pu, or conch shell. In ancient times, the sound of the Pu signaled the approach of Hawaiian royalty or the arrival of a voyaging canoe from a faraway land.
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons– The lesson begins with a discussion on the origin and history of paddle boarding and its rapid growth in popularity around the world. From there, guests receive instruction for the proper use of the paddle, placement of feet and tips for managing ocean conditions. Guests are accompanied by a Beach Alaka‘i, who provides further guidance and instruction while also offering interpretation on the natural and cultural history of the Hawaiian Islands. The cost begins at $87 per person for a group class (6 person maximum) and $105 for a private lesson (two people maximum).
  • Snorkel Smart Pool Lessons and Beach Walk – Ideal for beginning snorkelers, a complimentary class provides guests with skills and pointers that will help make their first underwater experience enjoyable and safe. A Beach Alaka‘i will organize pool games using a mask and snorkel to further develop skill and confidence.
  • ‘Ohe Hanu ‘Ihu (Nose Flute) – A complimentary session for all ages, guests will learn how to play the bamboo nose flute, a popular instrument that accompanies Hawaiian music and hula practitioners. Originally, the nose flute was used to communicate private messages between romantic partners. By the end of the session, guests are able to play a short melody of their own composition.
  • Hula and Haka – Guests are invited to learn the art and history of hula through complimentary hands-on guidance and instruction to learn basic foot movements and gestures while also understanding the meanings of each motion. At the end of the class, guests will have learned to perform a hula dance telling a story about Hawaii’s ocean environment. Men can learn the haka, another form of hula, once used in ancient times to challenge or intimidate one’s enemy. The staff will consist of one “Kupuna” (elder) who will guide the entire staff in authentic cultural practice, and three to four “Beach Alaka‘i” who will bring each cultural program to life. Maui born and raised, Iokepa Nae‘ole, known around the islands as Kepa, will spearhead operations for the activities center as Manager of Hale Huaka‘i.

Director of Training Po‘okela & Ho‘okipa, Dee Coyle is thrilled about the enhancement to Ka‘anapali Beach Hotel’s existing cultural programming, “The ocean experience at Ka‘anapali Beach Hotel will change the way visitors perceive Hawaiian waters and the way to enjoy it. Our Hale Huaka‘i Alaka‘i is here to promote adventure, encourage relaxation and create memories all conveniently located in one beach hale. E komo mai; come meet the Beach Alaka‘i!”

Semi-private cabanas are located on a lawn area overlooking the beach and are available for rental at the Hale Huaka‘i on a first come first serve basis. Guests can enjoy Maui’s sunny beach at the day rate of $35 for non-guests and $30 for hotel guests. Water sport equipment is also available at the Hale Huaka‘i and includes snorkel sets (mask, snorkel, fins) starting at $12, boogie boards starting at $10 and standup paddle boards from $25 for the first hour and $15 each additional hour.

To learn more about Hale Huaka‘i or Ka‘anapali Beach Hotel, visit http://www.kbhmaui.com or call 661-0011.

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